Community Development Loans

How does Kadince help collect and review community development loans?

Collect and Review

Add community development loans using a shareable web-based form. Cast a large net by having loan officers add potentially qualifying loans. Collect useful data needed to help determine CRA eligibility and review as necessary.


Mark community development loans as CRA eligible. Assign partial eligibility to loans based on amount eligible. Add loans to assessment areas. Build a report of CRA eligible loans by assessment area.


See a dashboard of community development loans. View total amount, number of loans, number of borrowers, types, CRA eligibility and assessment areas. Print or download reports as a CSV file.

Audit Trail

Keep a history of everything that happens to a community development loan. Preserve edits, files and comments relating to a community development loan in one place.

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Total value of Community Development Loans tracked in Kadince

Other benefits the Community module has to offer


Track community development investments. Add or update book values and other details. Mark investments and assign them to an assessment area to prepare for CRA exams.


Track activities relating to the Community Reinvestment Act. Manage community development loans, investments, donations and services. Build reports and be exam ready.


See what’s happening—with dashboards. Keep up on activity relating to volunteers, donations and organizations. View tasks, custom charts and graphs on the Community dashboard.

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