Community Reports

How does Kadince help build detailed community reports?


Filter through data points in community reports to find a specific volunteer, organization or donation. Combine filters to create a specific set of criteria. It’s much easier to find data with filters.


Group data in community reports to build a “to-do” list or show a comparison between groups. When used alongside filtering and custom column sorting, grouping becomes a powerful tool.


Order, add or remove columns on community report tables to show the most important data. Custom columns, filtering and grouping work together to create reports worth sharing.

Save and Share

Name and save a community report for future use. Filters, grouping and column settings will all be saved. Share saved reports with others.

Print / Export

Print or download community reports. Download data into a CSV file or print it to share with management or colleagues.

What people are saying about Kadince...

Donated to communities by Kadince customers in 2016

Other benefits the Community module has to offer


See what’s happening—with dashboards. Keep up on activity relating to volunteers, donations and organizations. View tasks, custom charts and graphs on the Community dashboard.


Create a painless process for logging service with a web-based collection form. Employees can log hours without having to remember one more login password.


Receive requests using a shareable web-based form. Route incoming requests through the proper approval process. Fulfill approved requests on-time with an accounting task.

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