Donation Requests

How does Kadince help collect and review donation requests?

Web-based Form

Share a donation request form on a website or intranet. Collect requests for sponsorships, grants, in-kind items or volunteer services. Customize forms to control data-collection fields, branding and instructions.

Approval Process

Route each incoming donation request through the proper approval process. Review incoming requests and make approver assignments. The system notifies approvers via email. Track approved and declined requests for future reporting.

Impact Reports

See a donation’s impact on the lives of real people and the communities they live in. Use filters to find data and build reports. Impact accountability will truly help make a difference.


Keep questions, objections and ideas relating to a specific donation in one place. Message other users, attach files or add a comment to the record. Say good-bye to long email chains and lost conversations.

Activity Log

Prevent finger-pointing with a simple audit trail. Track activities relating to each donation. Report on requested and approved amounts to help with budget planning.


Fulfill approved donation requests on-time with an accounting-specific task. Accounting details sort out who gets paid, how much and where checks need to go.

CRA Tracking

Track donations for CRA purposes. Mark approved and declined donations as CRA eligible. Geocode donation addresses and assign them to an assessment area.

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Other benefits the Community module has to offer


Track activities relating to the Community Reinvestment Act. Manage community development loans, investments, donations and services. Build reports and be exam ready.


Collect, maintain and display the details of an organization. An organization’s profile shows a complete history of donations, volunteers and their details.


Create a painless process for logging service with a web-based collection form. Employees can log hours without having to remember one more login password.

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