How does Kadince help manage events?

The process of organizing, scheduling, and executing an event can be a heavy burden. Let Kadince software do the heavy lifting. Create an event and decide how to share it. Manage who’s registered and what they’ve registered for. Automate reminders and tasks with workflows. Stay informed through email notifications. Track upcoming, active, past, and archived events with dashboards. And build and share events reports with others. Most importantly—sit back, relax, and enjoy your events…with Kadince.

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Reporting Features

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Report Builder

Report builder helps turn raw data into useful reports. Use filters to sift through data to find a specific event or group of events. Arrange columns to show the most important bits of data. Show relationships and summaries of related events with grouping. Analyze data by displaying the sum, average, count, maximum, minimum, or distinct instances of field details. Save your reports and refresh them as new data is collected with Kadince.

Sharing Reports

Sharing reports is the end-game of everything that happens in Kadince. Download CSV files of reports to save or share with others. Print reports on paper or save as a PDF. Share complex reports with others to prevent double-work in building reports. Build bar charts, pie charts, big-number graphics, or a simple table to display on your dashboard. Share specific widgets on your website or intranet without having a deep knowledge of programing. Confidently share reports with management or regulators.

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Standard Features

Log-in Accessible Forms

Allow employees to sign in to add a new event or view and register for upcoming events. Want to create a private event? Private events can be limited to those with log-in access. Configure log-in accessible forms to control data-collection, instructions, and disclaimers.


Create and assign tasks. Tasks can be anything. Create a task, give it a due date, set priority, and assign it to someone. Add in notes, descriptions, and attachments for a more detailed task. Associate a task with an event request.

Intranet Accessible Forms

Allow employees to add a new event or view and register for upcoming events without the need to log in. Create portals to show upcoming events. Configure intranet accessible forms to control data-collection, instructions, disclaimers, and branding.


Notifications help everyone stay on task. In-app and email notifications keep you in the loop. Notifications will remind others of incomplete tasks. Reminders will continue daily until no tasks remain. Notifications make it so nobody has to be the “nag.”

Automated Workflows

Generate an event from an approved donation. Generate a marketing project for an event. Set up reminders to attend an event. Create a task for those who attended to log their volunteer hours. Automated workflows save time and money by automating routine tasks.

Comment Thread

Say goodbye to long email chains and lost conversations. Keep the conversation focused. Questions, comments, and ideas are all kept within the comments thread. Privately or publicly message colleagues, attach files, or add a comment to the record.

Review Process

Review events as needed. Create a workflow to automate the task or add one manually. Look for mistakes, reduce duplicates, or use event reviews to look back on past events to add notes. Mark groups of events as reviewed using reporting tools.

Activity Log

Prevent finger-pointing and preserve a history of changes with the activity log. The date, time, username, and changes made are all recorded in the activity log. The activity log creates an audit trail of attachments as well.

What people are saying about Kadince…

Hi, I’m Adam Steinback Senior Vice President at Albany bank in Chicago. I love Kadince and it has no peers, it has no competition. I searched far and wide to find a product like this. At the end of my search I very happily found this product. The team is great. The people are great. The product is awesome. It does what no other product does. It organizes all of our stuff beautifully and the people are passionate. I’m passionate about it. They care and they really listen to customers. Thank you. Albany Bank & Trust

Albany Bank & Trust

Adam / SVP Commercial Services
Here at VCNB, we love Kadince. It has saved us time, saved us money and made us more efficient. So now we time for the really important things, like cheering on our Buckeyes. Go Bucks! Vinton County National Bank

Vinton County National Bank

Audra / EVP, Marketing
We love Kadince. They’ve turned a very manual process into something so easy. We love the reporting features and they’re so responsive. NebraskaLand National Bank

NebraskaLand National Bank

Danielle / Vice President Marketing Director
Hello… I’m Ellie Reineck with River Valley Bank in Wausau, Wisconsin. And just to prove how much I love Kadince I actually have it up here in the background of this video. We were early adopters of this software package, we use all three modules. Community, Ad Management and the Marketing Request Module. We have our marketing firm also using it. It’s the way that we process all of our project management, it’s the way our company manages our volunteer hours. Were hoping to use the widgets through our website very soon to show the world how committed we are to community reinvestment. I’ve had two audits since using this, and I’ve been using it for two years, with flying colors. Absolutely no problems. I think regulators love to see that you have a process like what is built into Kadince. I can’t say enough good things about it. We’ll continue to use it. They can continue to make it better. And they’re great listeners. Plus I love the koala bear. Thanks! Incredible Bank

Incredible Bank

(Formerly River Valley Bank)

Ellie / Marketing and Public Relations Director
Hi, I’m Matt Stallings from CenterState Bank. And I love Kadince because it’s an awesome platform. It helps me do day to day tasks. And it keeps track of our marketing projects CenterState Bank

CenterState Bank

Matt / Marketing Specialist
I’m Scott Miller. Riverview Bank. Beautiful Vancouver, Washington. I’m a total fan of Kadince. More importantly my staff is a fan becuase it helps me stay on task of approving projects. Approving community investments. Keeping tabs on community hours. They love it so I love it. Riverview Community Bank

Riverview Community Bank

Scott / SVP Marketing

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