How does Kadince help keep track of community organizations?


Stay organized by collecting an organization’s details in one place. Details such as address, mission statement, tax ID and many others are available.


Maintain a directory of organization contacts. Know who to reach out to and communicate with. Mark people as a primary contact and keep their information up to date.


Measure the impact contributions are having on organizations. An organization’s profile shows a snapshot of donations, hours and number of volunteers.

File Library

Store files, photos and supporting documents relating to an organization. Keep important documents easily reachable for research or auditing needs.

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Organizations currently tracked using Kadince

Other benefits the Community module has to offer


Tell the story of community involvement efforts. Build reports using custom columns, filtering and grouping. Print, export or save and share reports with others.


Receive requests using a shareable web-based form. Route incoming requests through the proper approval process. Fulfill approved requests on-time with an accounting task.


Create a painless process for logging service with a web-based collection form. Employees can log hours without having to remember one more login password.

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