Volunteer Service

How does Kadince help manage volunteer service?

Web-based Form

Create a painless process for logging volunteer service with a web-based collection form. Employees can now add entries without having to remember one more login password.

Community Impact

Track the impact of employees’ volunteer service. Volunteer service impact details help categorize efforts, which helps build reports. And reports help show the impact of volunteer service on communities.

Management Reports

Report on employee volunteer service. Use filters to find data and build the most useful reports. Saved reports will help keep an eye volunteer efforts. Recognize volunteers whose efforts deserve special attention.

Entry Review

Review volunteer service entries. Once logged, a manager can review employee’s entries to verify the data. Looking to mark entries for CRA credit? The Community module has it covered.

Employee Focus

Track volunteer service with an employee focus. Categorize employees based on their location or type. Have volunteering competitions or create categories for cleaner reporting.

File Library

Collect supporting documents associated with volunteer service. Gather important files or the selfies taken while volunteering. Both marketing and compliance teams will have the resources they’re looking for.

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Volunteer hours logged in Kadince

Other benefits the Community module has to offer


Track activities relating to the Community Reinvestment Act. Manage community development loans, investments, donations and services. Build reports and be exam ready.


Collect, maintain and display the details of an organization. An organization’s profile shows a complete history of donations, volunteers and their details.


Receive requests using a simple web-based form. Route incoming requests through the proper approval process. Fulfill approved requests on-time with an accounting task.

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