Customer Success Assistant

One of the big challenges of a software company is ensuring customers properly implement and get the most out of the application. Solid planning by a disciplined team that provides remarkable support will be the difference between success and failure of both the customer and business.

A customer success assistant will help the customer team by responding to incoming customer communication, removing reactive tasks from the rest of the customer team, so that proactive tasks can be accomplished, ensuring customers are getting the most value out of our software.


Assist with customer onboarding
Research and respond to customers’ questions and concerns
Prepare customer data for importing
Help maintain the Kadince Support Application
Work with the development and product teams to resolve customer issues
Document customer communication and progress in Salesforce
Identify and report on trends in customer needs
Communicate with multiple customers each day via phone and email


Possess a high level of compassion, empathy, honesty, and loyalty towards yourself and others
Have high expectations for yourself and others
Open to being coached and provided with feedback on a regular basis
Able to learn quickly, especially in the realm of technology
Communicate (teach) complex topics clearly with minimal errors via phone and email
Have the ability to solve problems effectively and autonomously
Willing to work according to and help improve company playbooks (process documents)

If you meet these requirements, we will teach you everything else you need to know. If you don’t meet these requirements, we’d appreciate it if you’d tell others about this opportunity. Thank you!

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What We Do

We build and support world-class, web-based software for financial institutions. But more importantly, we build people.

Our Philospohy

Building a team of people who care is the most important thing a business can do. With caring people, processes can be developed and implemented, continuous training and improvement can occur, regular accountability can be established, and remarkable products can be built. This allows us to have a smaller, tight-knit team, higher margins, and money to invest in competitive wages and benefits. These results help make our team members’ lives more comfortable.

What it's Really Like to Work Here

Our team members spend their days developing, living by, and refining well-thought-out processes. Additionally, we expect team members to be intentional with their time. Team members plan their day ahead of time with tasks that bring the most value.

Being part of the Kadince team isn't for everyone. We are committed to finding team members who desire the opportunity to grow and to learn the true meaning of discipline.