Junior / Senior Full-stack Engineer

We are looking for both new engineers and engineers with experience, as there are opportunities for both. Our engineers work with tried and true technologies, but also explore the latest innovations that will bring the most value to our customers. Your focus will be continuous improvement, not only of the product but of your development and personal skills. That being said, we are looking for engineers who are truly passionate about building software and building themselves.

Kadince is a Scrum based company. Our stack consists of Ruby on Rails paired with GraphQL and MySQL to power the backend. The frontend stack includes React, Redux, and Apollo. Cypress, Rspec, and FactoryBot are used for testing. The application is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use Jira as our project management system, with Bit Bucket as our repository and Slack to communicate with each other. Each engineer is provided with a 15” MacBook Pro and a 27” monitor or 27" iMac.


Write clean, efficient, DRY code
Build new features based on specifications provided
Help review and test code
Write meaningful tests to minimize bugs
Recommend and execute improvements to the application
Assist in breaking down and estimating all feature enhancements
Review customer issues and collaborate to resolve them


Care about your personal success and the success of others
Have high expectations for yourself and others
Honest and loyal to yourself and your team
Open to continual coaching
Care deeply about details, almost to a fault
Passionate about solving problems
Have an understanding of basic database driven web applications
Desire to continually learn and improve your development skills
Possess a working knowledge of the MVC pattern

If you meet these requirements, we will teach you everything else you need to know. If you don’t meet these requirements, we’d appreciate it if you’d tell others about this opportunity. Thank you!

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What We Do

We build and support world-class, web-based software for financial institutions. But more importantly, we build people.

Our Philospohy

Building a team of people who care is the most important thing a business can do. With caring people, processes can be developed and implemented, continuous training and improvement can occur, regular accountability can be established, and remarkable products can be built. This allows us to have a smaller, tight-knit team, higher margins, and money to invest in competitive wages and benefits. These results help make our team members’ lives more comfortable.

What it's Really Like to Work Here

Our team members spend their days developing, living by, and refining well-thought-out processes. Additionally, we expect team members to be intentional with their time. Team members plan their day ahead of time with tasks that bring the most value.

Being part of the Kadince team isn't for everyone. We are committed to finding team members who desire the opportunity to grow and to learn the true meaning of discipline.