Marketing Manager / Specialist

First off, we want to make it very clear that there is a clear distinction between marketing and sales. Often, organizations list marketing positions, but what they are really looking for is people to grow their call center. While sales is very important to our organization, this is not a sales job, this is a storytelling job. True marketing positions are often hard to find—making this a unique opportunity.

We have an organization of people who are passionate about marketing, but all of us have different responsibilities and our marketing department is essentially non-existent. This position is the first piece in developing a marketing department to help tell our story and establishing us as an industry leader. We’re offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a world-class marketer by learning and growing while working with a nimble and local tech-company.

The person we’re looking for is passionate about writing and developing content—telling stories. We’ve met many writers, but few are passionate about honing their craft. We need someone who can tell a story in a concise manner while staying true to the brand. We need a person who cares about the details, almost to a fault. You won’t be able to survive in the world of marketing without caring about all the details.


Help develop, implement, track, and refine a remarkable marketing plan that tells our story and establishes Kadince as a leader in our industry. Resulting in customer retention, a strong reputation, a larger network, and increased revenue.


Care about your personal success and the success of others
Have high expectations for yourself and others
Open to continual coaching
Learn quickly, especially in the realm of technology and storytelling
On track to become an amazing storyteller
Care deeply about details, almost to a fault
Honest and loyal to yourself and your team
Have the ability to solve problems autonomously

If you meet these requirements, we will teach you everything else you need to know. If you don’t meet these requirements, we’d appreciate it if you’d tell others about this opportunity. Thank you!

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What We Do

We build and support world-class, web-based software for financial institutions. But more importantly, we build people.

Our Philospohy

Building a team of people who care is the most important thing a business can do. With caring people, processes can be developed and implemented, continuous training and improvement can occur, regular accountability can be established, and remarkable products can be built. This allows us to have a smaller, tight-knit team, higher margins, and money to invest in competitive wages and benefits. These results make our team members’ lives more comfortable.

What it's Really Like to Work Here

Our team members spend their days developing, living by, and refining well-thought-out processes. Additionally, we expect team members to be intentional with their time. Team members plan their day ahead of time with tasks that bring the most value. We have regular standup meetings where we hold each other accountable to commitments.

Being part of the Kadince team is not for everyone. We are committed to finding team members who desire the opportunity to grow and to learn the true meaning of discipline.