Marketing Approvals

How does Kadince help process marketing approvals?

Custom Steps

Build approval steps to suit. Create a step-by-step process for marketing approvals. Create a step, give it a name, set minimum requirements and add a pool of approvers to the step.

Unique Due Dates

Assign unique due dates to each step. Complete projects and requests on time by assigning a due date for each step. Working with approvers who have a tendency to wait until the last minute? Unique due dates help move the process along.

Approval Criteria

Create flexibility with custom criteria. Allow a step to move forward after “one-of-many” approvers approves. Allow a step to move forward after a majority of approvers approves. Or allow a step to move forward only by unanimous approval.

Process Flexibility

Keep the approval process moving. Restart the process back to a specific step. Pause a project that needs to wait. Add or remove an approver mid-process. If needed, approve on behalf of an approver if they‘re away for any reason.

Action Buttons

Approve, give feedback or suggest edits with action buttons. Action buttons make it simple for approvers. Write a message with suggestions or attach a file. Say goodbye to long email chains and lost conversations.

Email Notifications

Communicate with everyone involved. Automated email notifications help approvers and project owners stay informed. Customize notifications for users or individual projects as needed.

Activity Log

Prevent finger-pointing if something falls through the crack. An activity log of approvals, edits and suggestions creates a simple audit trail.

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Other benefits the Marketing module has to offer


Manage marketing requests with a web-based form. Fulfil requests for branded items. Convert approved requests into marketing projects. Take control of the marketing team and how it spends resources.


Start a project by uploading files, adding text, a URL link or by pointing our screen capture tool to a URL. Assign tasks to complete the project. Send a completed project through an approval process for final polishing.


Create and assign custom tasks. Associate a task with a marketing project or request. View everyone’s tasks or only those assigned to you. Manage assignments for the marketing team with tasks.

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