Marketing Campaigns

How does Kadince help organize marketing campaigns?

Active Campaigns

See a list of active marketing campaigns and the associated projects. Create a campaign, give it a name and add projects to it. Add or remove projects as needed. When a campaign is finished, save it for future reference.

Campaign Groups

Group campaigns together for simple sorting. Group campaigns based on custom criteria and assign a group color.


Sort campaigns to find a specific campaign. Sort through active or inactive campaigns. Sorting helps keep campaigns and projects organized.

Print / Download

Print or download campaign details. Download a CSV file or print a list of campaigns to share with management.

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Other benefits the Marketing module has to offer


Manage marketing requests with a web-based form. Fulfil requests for branded items. Convert approved requests into marketing projects. Take control of the marketing team and how it spends resources.


Start a project by uploading files, adding text, a URL link or by pointing our screen capture tool to a URL. Assign tasks to complete the project. Send a completed project through an approval process for final polishing.


Get marketing projects approved. Select approvers and the criteria for approval. Assign due dates for each step. Keep an archive record of who approved what and when to prevent finger-pointing.

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