Marketing Projects

How does Kadince help manage marketing projects?

Project Types

Create a project by uploading files, adding text, a URL link or by pointing our screen capture tool to a URL. A specific project type helps approvers and creators focus on what needs attention.

Assign Tasks

Add a task, associate it with a specific project and assign it a user. Add tasks to pending or approved projects. Add as many tasks to a project as necessary. Manage assignments for marketing projects with tasks.

Approval Process

Get marketing projects approved on time. Select approvers and the criteria for approval. Choose between unanimous, majority or “one-of-many” approval options. Notify approvers via email with clear instructions and due dates.

Email Notifications

Help everyone stay on task. An initial email lets people know they have a task to complete. If the task remains, the next day they’ll receive a reminder email. This will continue each business day until no tasks remain.


Track co-branding details for RESPA compliance. Document the company details and percentage of costs they’re covering. Add as many co-branding partners as necessary. Create reports based on co-branding details when needed.


Keep the conversation in one place. Forget long email chains and lost conversations. Each project has its own comment thread for questions, objections and ideas. Privately or publicly message other users, attach files or add a comment to the record.

Activity Log

Document each step of a marketing project. A history of edits, file revisions and who approved what and when creates a simple audit trail. Mistake insurance helps prevent finger-pointing if something falls through the crack.

Management Reports

Report on the efficiency of marketing. Build and share reports with management. Create reports showing big picture trends or find the needle in the haystack. Reporting keeps everyone accountable and shows the value of marketing.


Organize projects into a marketing campaign. Add projects together to create a campaign. Add or remove projects at any point. Projects cover the micro-details while campaigns handle the macro-details.

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Other benefits the Marketing module has to offer


Manage marketing requests with a web-based form. Fulfil requests for branded items. Convert approved requests into marketing projects. Take control of the marketing team and how it spends resources.


Get marketing projects approved. Select approvers and the criteria for approval. Assign due dates for each step. Keep an archive record of who approved what and when to prevent finger-pointing.


Create and assign custom tasks. Associate a task with a marketing project or request. View everyone’s tasks or only those assigned to you. Manage assignments for the marketing team with tasks.

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