Marketing Reports

How does Kadince help build detailed marketing reports?


Build return on investment (ROI) reports for marketing projects. Add in ROI goals and then follow up later with actual ROI. Create a report showing ROI trends for projects over time.

Run Dates

Report on currently-running projects. Create a report showing the dates projects are running. See what’s active and what has passed.


Filter through data points to find a specific project or request. Combine filters to create a specific set of criteria. Using filters is the best way to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack.”


Group data to see a clear picture. Grouping data will help build a to-do list or show a comparison between groups. Combined with filtering and custom column sorting, grouping becomes a powerful tool.


See what matters most. Order, add or remove columns on report tables to show the most important data. Custom columns, filtering and grouping work together to create reports worth sharing.

Save & Share

Save and share detailed reports. Rather than building a report from scratch each time, save the recipe and give it a name. Filters, grouping and columns will show as they were when saved.

Print / Download

Print or download detailed reports. Download a CSV file or print it to share with management or colleagues. Kadince makes it easy to find and share data in many ways.

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Other benefits the Marketing module has to offer


Manage marketing requests with a web-based form. Fulfil requests for branded items. Convert approved requests into marketing projects. Take control of the marketing team and how it spends resources.


Start a project by uploading files, adding text, a URL link or by pointing our screen capture tool to a URL. Assign tasks to complete the project. Send a completed project through an approval process for final polishing.


Organize projects by using marketing campaigns. Create a campaign by linking projects together. Enjoy the benefit of tracking projects individually or collectively through a campaign.

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