Marketing Requests

How does Kadince help manage marketing requests?

Web-based Form

Collect marketing requests from colleagues. Customize web-based forms to control data collection, branding, instructions and disclaimers. Share custom forms with others by using a unique link.

Approval Process

Select specific approvers for each request. Assign specific due-dates to approvers who tend to procrastinate. Include custom approval criteria such as unanimous or majority vote. Kadince will notify approvers of their task via email along with instructions.

Email Notifications

Help approvers stay on task. If a user has incomplete tasks, they’ll receive a daily reminder email. Reminders will continue each business day until no tasks remain. Automated notifications make it so nobody has to be the "nag."


Track co-branding details for RESPA compliance. Document the company details and percentage of costs they’re covering. Add as many co-branding partners as necessary. Create reports based on co-branding details as needed.


Ask for specifications on the marketing request form. Details such as item type, quantity and dimensions are a few of the details needed. Both approvers and creative teams will enjoy the amount of detail the form collects.


Keep the conversation focused. Forget long email chains and lost conversations. Each marketing request has its own comment thread for questions, objections and ideas. Privately or publicly message other users, attach files or add a comment to the record.


Create a task, associate it with a specific request and assign it a user. Add as many tasks to a request as necessary. Add tasks to pending, approved or declined requests. Manage assignments for marketing requests with tasks.


Build reports for marketing requests. Robust filtering helps pinpoint relevant data to build the most useful reports. Efficiency reporting helps keep everyone accountable and improves the process.

Generate Projects

Generate a project from an approved request. The matching details of the request will populate the details of the project. If desired, copy over comments and attached files. Generate as many projects from a request as needed. Each project will have a link back to the associated request.

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Other benefits the Marketing module has to offer


Start a project by uploading files, adding text, a URL link or by pointing our screen capture tool to a URL. Assign tasks to complete the project. Send a completed project through an approval process for final polishing.


Get marketing projects approved. Select approvers and the criteria for approval. Assign due dates for each step. Keep an archive record of who approved what and when to prevent finger-pointing.


Create and assign custom tasks. Associate a task with a marketing project or request. View everyone’s tasks or only those assigned to you. Manage assignments for the marketing team with tasks.

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