Ask not what your community can do for you, ask what you can do for your community.

We wanted to create a better way to approve and manage donation requests plus track volunteer hours. Our hard work resulted in our Community Support module.

Community Support Hours Dashboard

We created a better way for you to…

Collect employee volunteer service activities.

Allow employees to record volunteer service activities using their computer or mobile device, without having to remember another password!

Receive and approve donation requests.

Through either a form on your website or within the system, the information you want is collected and sent through a customized approval process.

See what you've done for organizations.

Donations, volunteer hours and anything else relating to an organization can be collected and neatly displayed, simplifying decision making.

Track CRA eligible donations and services.

Approved donations and services can be marked as reviewed and CRA qualified, helping prepare for future CRA exams.

Notify others of
assigned tasks.

Task reminders to approve requests, log hours, process payments and review CRA eligibility are sent automatically, so no one has to be the “nag.”

Tell your community
service story.

All-encompassing reports show the dollars, hours and CRA qualified contributions you've invested, allowing you to report to examiners and more importantly, the communities you serve.

A demo is worth a thousand features lists.

You can only learn so much from reading a list of features. The fact is, we created a better way to approve and manage donation requests and track volunteer hours. See for yourself through a live demo.

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