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    River Valley Bank

    Ellie / Marketing and Public Relations Director
  • Hello… I’m Ellie Reineck with River Valley Bank in Wausau, Wisconsin.  And just to prove how much I love Kadince I actually have it up here in the background of this video. We were early adopters of this software package, we use all three modules. Community, Ad Management and the Marketing Request Module. We have our marketing firm also using it. It’s the way that we process all of our project management, it’s the way our company manages our volunteer hours. Were hoping to use the widgets through our website very soon to show the world how committed we are to community reinvestment. I’ve had two audits since using this, and I’ve been using it for two years, with flying colors. Absolutely no problems. I think regulators love to see that you have a process like what is built into Kadince. I can’t say enough good things about it. We’ll continue to use it. They can continue to make it better. And they’re great listeners. Plus I love the koala bear. Thanks!
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  • Glenview State Bank

    David / EVP, Director of Marketing
  • It’s very rare when a business partner can offer you a program that brings value and is an amazingly turnkey solution. I’m David Kreiman, Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing at Glenview State Bank and I love Kadince.
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  • Citizens Union Bank

    Jessica / AVP, Marketing
  • We love Kadince here at Citizens Union Bank. We’re actually one of their very first customers and they even have our check hanging on their wall. They keep our compliance department happy, our auditors and our examiners happy and that makes us very happy. Thanks Kadince!
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  • River Valley Bank

    Dawn / CRA Officer
  • TK
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Wausau, WI