Kadince is full of opportunities to grow and a great place to work.

Building a team of people who care is the most important thing a business can do. With caring people, processes can be developed and implemented, continuous training and improvement can occur, regular accountability can be established, and remarkable products can be built. This allows us to have a smaller, tight-knit team, higher margins, and money to invest in competitive wages and benefits. These results make our team members’ lives more comfortable.

Perks and Benefits


Most insurance is something you hope to never need, but are grateful to have when you do need it. Kadince provides standard benefits like health insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance.

Time Off

Time off is needed to reset and refocus. Kadince provides scheduled and non-scheduled time off for employees in the form of: paid time off, company observed holidays, sick days, and parental leave.


It’s important to plan and invest in your future. Kadince supports this by offering employees the chance to contribute to a 401k. Kadince will match a percentage of employee contributions to help grow your 401k.


Kadince provides employees with sit/stand desks, MacBook Pro laptop computers, and 27” monitors. If you do decide to sit, you’ll likely find the chairs to be quite comfortable.


The Kadince team likes to play as hard as it works. With pinball machines, a foosball table, and a full-length shuffleboard, there’s no end to the combination of tournaments and games we play together.


Regular team trainings and one-on-one coaching from leaders provide meaningful learning experiences. Become more effective and build your confidence to be ready for advancement opportunities.