Community Dashboards

How do dashboards help keep track of community involvement?

Feature Dashboards

Give life to data with feature dashboards. Volunteers, Donations, Organizations, Loans and Investments each have their own dashboard. See an activity summary for each feature. Feature dashboards make reporting powerful and colorful.

Task List

Stay focused by using the task list on the Community dashboard. Tasks are color-coded and sortable. Sort to see personal tasks or the tasks of others. Enjoy the satisfaction of checking items off the to-do list.

Custom Widgets

Keep an eye on the big picture with custom widgets. Build a widget on the Community dashboard from a saved report. Show a pie chart, bar chart or big number. Use drag and drop features to arrange widgets.

Website Widgets

Share the benefits of custom dashboard widgets by adding them to a website or intranet. Style widgets to fit brand design or have a clean, Kadince-styled version.

What people are saying about Kadince...

Number of tasks generated in the Community module by Kadince users.

Other benefits the Community module has to offer


Tell the story of community involvement efforts. Build reports using custom columns, filtering and grouping. Print, export or save and share reports with others.


Collect, maintain and display the details of an organization. An organization’s profile shows a complete history of donations, volunteers and their details.


Receive requests using a shareable web-based form. Route incoming requests through the proper approval process. Fulfill approved requests on-time with an accounting task.

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